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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  March 14, 2016 9:00am-9:43am EDT

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straight ahead a prince p george'sown. this is trial al dark day iy prince george's county i. >> flags across the state aretaa flying at half staff in honor of officer jacai colson.ol while a community is left outraged over another act of senseless violence. breaking overnight, major metro delays after ann underground cable fire fills a metro tunnel with smoke and skea damages part of a track. tck we'll have live report.. >> candidate for president off the united state
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violence. aim at aim a donald trump after a violentiolt weekend on the campang. r madness brackets are out.t so who's got the best shot at so the big dance? we're breaking k it down as good day at 9a begins ♪ >> who if will get the glory?he >> good question.esti >> it's going to be a good i'm exurcited. >> they always are exciting.ys >> this year there's really good paipairing. it's anybody's game. game. >> we'll talk more about it.alk maureen can't wait.t. (laught
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>> as you can tell. >> she's our non baskenitbhe mni off. >> yes, he is. also ahead this morning, i washy collapsed i believe.sed i bel we'll have update on those on t firefighters conditions. all right.all first at 9:00, got breaking news to tell you about.l youbout continuing trouble on metron m rails single tracking on twowo busy lines downtown.ow this comes after early morninglr fire underground.ndergrou bob barnard is on the scene att mcpherson squwhrere the mess mes actually started. started he joins us now live with theit very latest.veryest. hey, bob. >> reporter: hey, wisdom.ey wis talking about the orange, bluen, and silvere lines through the heart of the washington whichn w now single tracking going on o after this fire before dawn thit morning. we can take you down below metrt police and supervisors here at a mcpherson square and some of tht other
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to help passengers get througheu an snaend it it also da of the so e're not sure metro oternoon. but because of what's happened down there, they have been he single tracking between foggy f bottom and federal center. c what we saw before dawn up onn the street out at federal centee was chaos as people were tryingy to get on cramming on to some of the bus s bridges and not knowing exactlye where those buses were going.oi complaining that people weren'tt there telling them what wasin going ong .goin on. where to go.oo. their single tracking going on g and as you can imagine, metro riders this morning were an an angry lot.. >> we come to this kind of messm and we upset.. but they want to go up on fairs. really? it's not cool. it's not. >> reporter: there were hour h long delays
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orange, blue and silver lines.rn pauls ey're tr heasningndm asked him about the concerns of orning >> it's a tough situation to happen right at the peak of thef peak when you got, you know, yoy have the buses deployedepye everywhere else in the entirehet system you're trying to serveo s those needs at the same time a you're trying to come back andto meet, you know a few like that.a that's what we're left with thih morning. the time cog not be worse in co that perspective but again we an just got to keep hammering awaya at the core issues. isss fix those so we can prevent vent these incidents from happening. >> mr. wiedefeld saying he wdefy cannot predict what will happenl this afternoon.fton but through the heart off downtown washington, guys, fromf federal center southwest towe t foggy bottom single trackingckig here along the orange and blue lines and not sure of the impacts for this afternoon'son's commute.e. guys? >> what a mess it's been.a mess' bob barnard, thank you for that. well, it h
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h tkittart to the work week, and a first check of the forecast. f rtod morning?. wta l> welcome back, holly.ol . go.soggy early w yes, low clouds and the drizzlei out there. here to stay.y. 50 now in washington.hin. fours north and west. west 45 in martinsburg and winchest winchester. 47 in hagerstown and these a temperatures not going to much lot today.loday winds out of the east and theofe north that will lock down the wo cool for the day today.ay there's your cloud cover. c cov and again damp, drizzle, most of the measurable rain out of heree
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now. but we're watching a few showerh kind o thhe pattern locked down here forner couple more days.ore d all rigunhtdn the seven day iny just a minute, guys.ute, g back to you.yo >> thanks tucker.ucke we want to get now to horrificc shooting in prince george'sce g county.unty an officer gunned down just dayd before his 29th birth today. >> this marks the second shooting in our region in less l than month that's left anst a officer dead. dead officer jacai colson was aas four-year veteran of the force r and working in the narcoticsarco fox5's melanie alnwick live witw the latest on this senselessen act. mel?me >> reporter: good morning.. and we moved loc
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bit wanted to get i was better r look atfyou can see it is stilly active crimescene. right nows out here, and also the door to t the station as well.s you can see the one there lookso like it is completeshyot out. really was as you said an alln accounts a chaotic scene and sca we're learning that officert jacai colson was actually ablebl to return fire before he died. . last night outside princerince george's hospital center a large contingent of police officers or gathered for a absolute to honor officer colson. colso they joined hands and prayed asd the news and the night darkened. 28-year-old jacai colson has
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years. he was an undercover onr community then several officersr including colson rush s.. so today we witnessed again another horrific act of evil and this is an act of cowardness. a new low in executing defendere of this community, jacai was was important to his family, he'sy h important to this entire community.unit we have another mother tonighten who is without her son and for r that we are deeply sorry.or we are deeply sorry.ry this crime is not just a crimerm against jacai
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is a crime against our entiresus fled the scene as welch policehl say that person fled whenth repe her nephews. nep she identified them asthma leakk and michael ford from temple hills, maryland.yl this morning some police sourceu are telling us that informationn is good. however, they are not officially confirming the names. names no charges yet have been filed.l maryland governor larry hogan has ordered flags in thegs i community to fly at half staff today. back to you guys.backyo >> mel, thank you. and maryland's governord's v hogan also expressing hisesng h condolences saying in part "the" first lady and i send our
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and loved ones of office that lie ahead".de hurt are expd okay. the impact of the fire is pretti devastating.stat 18 people and three families fal have been displaced. 9:10 is our time.ur time. here's a question.. a will lot of people are askinge where is richard simmons. smons he hasn't been seen in public ic two years.two s. well now this morning the sweating to the oldies star isls speaking out about those reportp that he's being held hostage.tae first, though
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rallies overshadowed by violente protests d
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9:13 now.9:13 buthi campaign after fights broke oute at a friday night t t primaries tomorrow for what is being called super tuesday two.t senator ted cruz attacked thett donald for his wealth but stilli plans to support him if he is ie the >> donald trump is the system. s donald trump is donald trump is big business. and instead the answer is tos to support a candidate who will who stand with the hard-workingrk taxpayers.ta >> reporter: senator bernie bere sanders condemning trump for encouraging violence at hist h rallies.
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>> candidate for the president of the united states should condemnte want happiness.apne we want everybody toer: ohio gof the violent at his rallies andas says he plans to win his home he state with a positive campaignig message.. >> we've got to have positive solutions in this country.sou we can't be running aroundro yelling at one another. ano >> reporter: five states arest up for tom and with more than 350 delegates at stake, this could be the last chance for republicans to
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and stop trump. at in new york, kelly other words and pi.i. fans a like. >> that's why ste irst w we can be just hours are a days eaglets. yup.yup.
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up nest we have been keeping tabs on ke their progress since they showee up and now, well, they could cou could be anywhere from hours tou days away from becoming parentsr i guess you call them with their eggs hatching. hatg for details and what comes nextm for the babies, can we call them babies, eaglets, we'll turn to t dr. richard olson the direct ofd the national is it okay to call them babiesme or do we h
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>> i am noticing that
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hennd another would hatch a day or tw later or do they general about h sequentially very close to eache other, and so what happens ispes that process is called pipping.i that's when the eaglet will use their beak tooth to breakho through the egg and people neede to realize that the parents wilw not help in that process. p that is up to the eaglet to do.d and that can take several hoursh to a day or so.. so that will probably start s happening and you'll have onee hatch and then probably within w 24 to 48 hours or so probablybl the next egg will hatch. >> doctor, does the eagle get ug and leave and they starthest hatching? are you watching this
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>> i want to know how the w process how do you know whenshi. egg she will not be rolling the right now she has rolled herrolh eaglet doesn't dsn't stick on the inside of theef shelton balance theton bance temperatures. what you'll see is thatha after,ing when it starts to gett closer to the pipping moment, she'll be looking at the eggs more and not touching them. so she will know that somethingi is going on in the egg.. >> real quick after they hatch,t how long do they stay in the nest? nest? >> well, they stay in the nest t last year they hatched aboutey h this time and left in june.n so it's going to be 10 to 1210o weeks. we're actually going to be ino b the nest six to eight week after they hatch taking blood andlooda banding them so we can identifyf them as d.c. eagles.agle we'll be checking on the healthe of the eaglets make sure there's
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not -- see what their blood has eing their first flights.first flight >> and since you said mom kind k of takes over here, when wege close?ose? >> dad is quite busy. by he is the primary hunter at that poinng food to the nest. as you see now they don't really eat in the nest.inhe n but once the eaglets hatchle h they'll ab lot more interestingi feeding scenes going on camera. >> certainly fascinating. dr. richard olson. oon >> how are you going to get up y and get you will that -- youll y said you got to do the blood and all this kind of stuff.this are you going to get up there ut and make sure mom or dad is nott there and tag all these eagles?? >> that's a good question. queso we will climb the tree ourree partners with us fish and wildlife service will enter ther nest, climb the tree, and the ae parents will
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off. o dark when you're you doing that?ing >> thank you very exciting. >> i hope mom and dad don't gett mad when they go up there. >> i was thinking that.hinkin t >> both of them start coming back and start attack. aac that could get fierce.etie >> it could be a big week. big k eaglets born and the cherryy bmelo be inood washington, folks. >> amen. >> all right. 9:25 right now. still ahead on good day25, thehe biological reasons why women really d
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men. n.
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recapping today'ssterday yee evening in an ambush styletyle attack.attack he was atbaking st licea po officer. here's some of the reactonn fac. lesley smith wrote this is so sad people that are meant toeant protect us have become the t targets.targets. rest in piece mr. colson andn thoughts and prayers to your p t family, friends and community and said this, this has got to t stop.op sending prayers to officerto oir colson's all prince george's countynt police -- counsel three pic
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lives matter has to endrtbreak heartbreaking. unnecessary violence once ag y service.servefa i know a lot of people aro takeh to people saying it's a direct relation to the black liveslack matter moment.tter they don't condone this.'t c the majority.. so equate to the other.eth please let's not make blanket statements.emen. m
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>> two separate issues and bothb very sad and veash ouat. aee w
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i think we'll take one more lool at somethiid iha
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say it was? they're, 30-inches. >> you weren'tolutely that is the way that they --re s >> snow all over the nest. t i can taking a picture of it. next thing they're enduring the 80's.80's >> i'm watching as, mr. president is rearranging tht furniture i saw him movingimin things around to make sure everybody is comfortable.ody ise >> the first lady will not be. i happy with that. with t put that back.thatack. >> put it (laughter).(laughte >> have it back when i get back. >> mr. president was seennt wasn partying with some osprey overro the chesapeake.e. >>
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mate for life.te tually i have to evidence toavee that. i don't weren't to get him int troubltoe. tr ce. place as fizzle will continue. cnu watching a few showersho kind of develop down towards tas charlottesville. we may get a few showers aroundd here later today as we're justem be got a warm front just off to ouo areas of low pressure that are e trying to bring warmer air intoi the start to succeed tonight the set up today with high pressure offe to our north and that flow
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the ocean is what we call the ce wedge. ntf we
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his short list is said to including two from the district.gectthe forward for.or senate republicans are vowingre not to hold hearings on any ofgn the president's nominees. ncaa tournament field is set last night the tourney bracketsk were revealed on cbs's selectioi show special. holly watched all two hours ofso it. . oregon received a surprisingprin number one seed joining kansas,s north carolina and virginia.irni now locally virginia managed tog get the number one seed in thede midwest. they will face in state foe the mighty pirates from hamp tonon university.iversity (laughter). >> maryland tara opinions are a five seed they'll take on then jack roberts of south dakota state. i lik
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the south dakota jack rabbits. s >> they're fast.>> you that. t >> that was funny.was funy >> so why it was funnys highway whileaj dr m surprise when the car in front f slams on its brake. that's called brake check toeco avoid rear ended collision.ollin the driver skids to the side ofs the road down an embankment,, slides almost to the oppositeppt side of the highway. hhw the vehicle then hits a pole before being stopped by a crashh barrier.ier now that driver is okay but did receive a ticket once thenc t footage was released.el i do not suggest the brakehe bra check. >> i don't either much it's note worth it.wortit >> it can end very bad. >> let him pass. >> road wage.age. >> not worth it.>> >> how about i had a little bit
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of road rage against someone s >> if you're watching i seriou seriously as so sorry
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>> okay.>> how was the show?hos th >> the show was awesome.heaw i mean, but >> yeah. >> i mean, tens of thousands of items, new luggage, travel gear, gadgets, um -- u >> you were telling me how much in this industry. >> 36 billion, that's b, dollara industry. industry. >> that's mazing. >> a lot of luggage for sale.e >> you go and then you pi
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some of the things you think art cool. you don't let people p tt's pred that would be definitely helpful if you were trying to sleep, toe rests.thing about these -- the- >> people look funny. pple lo >> i kw, know. kno those people are the ones that t get off the plane more rest fuls than i am. th >> what's the special about this >> this is by kobo it's nice inc that it has these ventail layiny it
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keeps you nice and cool. cl. memory >> they're changing themg thext >> they do it any way i>> that's right.>> t this. >> l.icen american tourist last year did star wars this year it's marvele >> oh, my gosh. gos >> this is hot.ot. >> wisdom is totally eyeing that luggage right there. t. right now. >> this is hot. they have them all. them ll the hulk one is really cool. c it's interesting was to see at e the airport recently with allit the star wars more adults adu carrying these things than itse was the kids.s the ki pretty crazy. czy >> that's funny.t's this is amazing to me.o m i love this. >> seamer sports they make all l
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ffiserfect we all know thee oftentimes at e hotels you're up in o ner cruise ship.cruisehip this actually won the prize thii expands out, gives you counter space, little organizer there. the orgo. o >> that is so awesome. >> yeah. yea >> never enough counsel >> wouldn't the number one pizrp for the show in inn know vague.g >> i need one for my any otherye law. really cool >> it doesn't get any smaller sl than that. than >> no.>> no this is nice because it lays l flat in your bag as opposed to
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the square ones. iolly?ne throws right on top ofn >> y
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off.of this one ia dlls p a u eat. before you eat. >> every time before you eat.e e >> every time before you eat.fot >> wow the gay trave>> all right, guyse going gate all our products. oup >> anywhere where it's wars.m am blue water and sunny. sunny. >> there you go. >> let's go. i've got the montgomery
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revenge.. >> we're going to cancunrs and pizza.. partners and pizza.
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never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else ha
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love lo today is allll about las well.s wel they're making --y helping locac cou erin como live --o liv >> geing married?arri >> i'm just kidding. (laughter).aughte >> i didn't say that. dn't say t erin como is live at the columbia heights location withei all the details.ghalthe good morning, erin como. >> reporter: good morning.orng unfor
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the knot this morning but theret are lotsay
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>> but like a regular cocail party celebration for marriage.r they jusgotime to catch the cerr d about and pizzaizza weddings tell mel what the conversation was like.k >> well, tyler e-mailed meand a this iserfect because weause w wanted t d.c.ny
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have a party, of course, when wn celebrate with your friends and
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familiar daal. fa >> i think it was better than ii epee so excited for y
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ainy monday, m let's have a marri
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the 10a all over thethe disd om.nd
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time in lesie s se2g5wee aboutm as well.
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he apparently from what we'rere told fled the sgain, wf police and prince george's county public live in palmer park, melanieie alnwick, fox5 local news.. >> mel, thank you for that.or t as you might imagine thisne heartbreaking story has lot ofof people outrage this g it the second time in less thani month that our region is rio mourning the loss of a policef officer. a lot of have you beenof h reactioning on our facebookac page. lesley smith writing this is sos sad people who are meant to mntt protect us have become theecom targets. rest in piece mr. colson andso thoughts and prayers to your pr family friends and community and tp johns
10:03 am
out to the family something hasa you for your service and finaljs is very disturbing for everyonen involved i have family members and and friends who work in thatha building.bung so when this information startea coming out i can't tell you wil how that made me feel.atade me . this is on the outside looking in. i can't imagine what it's like to be an officer and to lose on of your own at the policehe pic i can't imagine what that famil is going through. throu this is just awful all the wayhy around and no one is condoningcn this. >> no one, wisdom.onisdo >> nothing to condone about th this. there's no reason for this to happen.
10:04 am
continue to use it's senselessh. >> as i said a lot of peopls whe and what might be to blame very dg.bic. trump supporters and protestersr continue to clash with eachh other. turning rallies into rumbles.. last friday at a trump event ini chicago it was just shut downhud when people came to blows bws getting in each other's faces scream screaming -- look at- lok that. th come on. what is going on here? police l clearing that arena but protests continued outside. many blamed trump for violencefe saying his strong campaigng camg language is encouraging thisgi chaos but is
10:05 am
for the action of his supporteor i think he has to come out and d say i completely am againstm ain this. i haven't seen that.t se that. >> that's what it takes to bewh leader. you can't have it both ways. you can't diss a soy the peoplee who are supporting when you the do things like this and you want to be leader for the unitedhenid states of america. ame you have to take responsibilityy plain and simple.plain an >> i >> i also think we have to be able to have discussions where we disagree. >> absolutely. >> you cannot let your politicat beliefs bring you to blows. blo you know what i mean?? >> what what happened toat civility.. >> we can stand on totalon tot opposite sides of the
10:06 am
talk about it and then move on and not pch ee fine and not being helped helde ill.leil hee sweating to seen him two a former assistant was quote ase saying simmons was being being controlled by those around him.. but interviews last night andigt this morning, simmons says his s low profile for the past fewew years had been completely voluntary and reports he wase being held against his will werw very hurtful. htf simmons toll the today show "no one is hold mowing in my house as a hostage.. people should just believe whatw i have to say because, like, i'm richard simmons ". hello?hell >> exactly. >
10:07 am
dazzled shorts i'm not >> or sleeves. sleev (laughter). it's because our brr well of course more complex.ple. >> yeah. yeah. >> and we form more complicatedt tasks on daily but exactly how much more sleepe do women actually require? equi scientists say it takes about 2 minutes for women's brain to recover experts also say poor sleep can are is a greatre psychological effect on women w leading to issues like hostilees will the, depression and anger. >> i don't know what you're'tw talking about maureen.auen >> i do. d >> so true. t >> feel free to hit the snoozeho button if you need to.o. >> we only need 20 minutes. >> for our brains to recover.s v >> or more
10:08 am
>> 20 minutes more sleep thanepa in. require.n qui end then i approve their outfiti si
10:09 am
ne see >> me either. >> michigan state didn't getga one.n i'm surprised.i'm surprised. >> i was surprised but ty
10:10 am
championship but son.beli >> i do believe. the maryland tara opinions willt rubber t plant.. anyone knows a ant can't move a rubber tree plant.. >> it makes it exciting.xcin >> but he's got high hopes.. >> he's got high hopes. >> sing it.. >> i got high hopes.. >> all five -- number five seeds avoid the
10:11 am
news for the terps as well. t was a needed two hour hou tour. it knee kn >> sierra and russell have big news. big oops for the biebs.or the be we're not talking about the abo hair. or maybe we are. and gary styles ready for his fh close up.p. celebrity dish is next.
10:16 am
>> all that drama. all t people got bad becauseha russels wionn b. >> we're nick watchers in ours o he it's the pick that went viral from inside the white theh house this adorable picture of sasha eye obama meeting ryann reynolds. i'd be the same way sash hope oe first reaction with the actor goes.
10:17 am
sasha is beaming beautiful inifi the photo as you can see.o youn oubt.ou. the pep talk maliahaav s before the dinner was just whatw she needed. >> i took like the big sisteris say way to geek out over a stars kind of making fun of her. >> disapproval.apoval >> you know how sisters, you, yo know, way to go. speaking out over like that hu hunk. >> i thought it was cute.htt wa >> aww, good for you.. >> either way.ray sisterly love. i love it. it. >> cute.>> c >> great. >> on the subject of love let's talk about justiofn beiber. >> oh what the biebs launched lc his purpose world tour in tr i seattle yesterday.este while the 22-year-old performance went off withoutit hitch the merchandising, well,nw it wasn't so lucky. lucky. his official tour t-shirtss misspelled the word purpose.. >> you can see they forgot the
10:18 am
d p.second that. tha >> wait a min totally. all right.all more trouble for janet jackson . >> let's hope so. so. >> soon. hope she gets that worked out and comes through d.c. >> finally, har
10:19 am
goodbye to the band?e >> i think so. >> i also heard >> wow! w >> as in that joke. (laughter)
10:20 am
metro delays. days no lau
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rgy to help power through her morning. with jimmy dean delights, good mornings lead to great days.
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mechanicsville when car in frong domino effect of delays andt eld issues as people try to get to t work. bob barnard is on the scene at mcpherson square where the messm began and he joins us now live l with an update.e. bob? >> reporter: hey, maureen.reen we're told that the impacts could be felt even this afternoon's commute. i want to take you down
10:24 am
here. here. staff has been directing riderss damaged some. rl u p on up o ad these bus bridgesus bdg bypassing these main heart of down up to washington stations n and there were not enough busesn for all the people at least not initially.ia people were upset. everything got back to normal eventually but the residualua effect was like hour longou l delays, not just on the orangeha blue and silver lines but on but some of the other lines as welll pa
10:25 am
dsnager was out here earlier. er ack a feweomhat perspective.ecti but, you know, again, just gott to keep hammering away at they t core issues. iue fix those so we can prevent these incidents from happening. >> reporter: he said that thehe cable fire did damage some rai rails. so they might be single track thinking afternoon as well. we'll get updates throughout the day gone to our social mediaiala sites for those updates.for th again, guys, terrible morning mr that may actually carry over cae into this afternoon at least ont the orange, blue and silver lines. lines. >> all right, bob, thank youht, very much. still ahead on good day, goy kevin sits down with allegiancee stars octavia spencer and naomi
10:26 am
watts to talk about the stoke last install many in
10:29 am
ie i will lie and i will fightll a legal juste divergent series t have part finale of the divergent
10:30 am
to insurgentca co-star in the franchise playini the m.o roles y choose may not be ae a hundred% conscious everye. do you want to be as different d as possible.sibl >> definitely try to do defit different thing as an actor.ings than what you've done.e and, yes, material that reall stand out and tells the storyhe that you haven't seen or heard before that's always a great plus. >> absolutely.bsut that's the wode
10:31 am
you you actor you get to try oo finish filming?il >> that was an intense one,role. >> yeah. >> get down into the arts andint craft world.orld (laughter).ter) >> all of that stuff. but i think playing wandaanda johnson from fruit felt stationt was t
10:32 am
because, you allegianceia hits theaters onofre friday. ca. >> yeah. >> jean carlos. he was looking at him as jesus j christ and former american idol chris daute plays judas. j here's what the pair had to si about the upcoming special.peci >> when we're playing on stage,s that's an isolated event, that'a not being broadcast to everyonee outside that room.oom and generally the people there are so into what you do they can excuse the flaws or the cracks c in your voice or whatever.r. this is on national tv under a
10:33 am
microscope that's way biggerimpt
10:34 am
we y start pngutti modicit getr you moving it forward without -- it's just >> listen where they made really modern it was -- w
10:35 am
about. s> i can't think of the guy'sgu pot it just didn'toi work. it would have worked for an hav original story. but it didn't work when celebriy makeup artist frederick sanders is joining us live. l he does vivica and
10:36 am
10:38 am
>> before you get to eyes whattt about your foundation? do you have to change that.o angee nin. >> what about the lips? i dot h like a deep lip. what about the lips for thehe lr spring. >> i literally like to lightenig the lip as well.el bring everything light.everythil i use a lighter lip liner and ad then tend to color it in just as little bit and give a little bit of shine. >> she looks gorgeous. l it doesn't look over done
10:39 am
you definitely look like a breath of fr mhove >> i thoughte like asome like talk about theorks.ks. very light. lht >> um-hmm. very light. you can see the sheen comingn c through. >> i would imagine you would need to have done this -- i can semen going -- trying to do thii and messing it all up. u >> i believe this is goofproof.. >> you'll have a lot of brothers inspired
10:40 am
>> goofproof. you can see flawless skin when it c
10:41 am
on that foundation.ndn. so with her and we g
10:42 am
wear your makeuanpowders and lil but back to you guys.s. inspiration
10:43 am
abou dough. nobody got that.nobody. >> there you go
10:46 am
does that make sense.e >> yes. >> 3.14.>>.14. pi. >> wait a minute. wasn't your dad like a math m professor.f >> my dad has master's degree in math. >> that'
10:47 am
tv. (laughter).he a popop up wedding at and pizza sound>>t would be. it definitely was down to thent piñata.ñata it was a great we had so much fun. fun. >> i loved it. tell me your favorite part of p the day so far joh >> just getting married in an a
10:48 am
having pizza after just gettingt maoe kin
10:49 am
i daytr version of a ring if yoi for a wedding means to you on pt and i love seeing the kids playt you made such a special day outt of this. we have pizza, everyone who'se w here to celebrate with you getsg to have a nice reception.ecepon. it feels like not like a mondayn morning but a true wedding reception. what are you doing the rest of the day after you leave here.yo >> we'll get a few more photose we g
10:50 am
permit so we'll go by thel go b lincoln meice family dinner. ho i have exciting news foes on. >> i do. i do. we really wanted to coordinate.n we were kind of hoping for some type of color pop photo or something, you know, at some ate point during the >> for sure. for sure. >> so yeah. s we wanted to keep it fun and casual so people felt reallyy comfortable.or >> well, i think this is al, perfect place to get mar iried i pizza.a. the altar is simple and lebrate with pizza on pi day.i d love everything about what'sbout happening out h
10:51 am
13 couples signed up we got toet watch few of them get m and add to the 13 couples who3 w are celebrating pi day with an a getting married come on down.cow i know some of you already are.a back to you guys. >> erin, is this what you'reou'r saying you dream of for youror y wedding day? >> i are have toll you it's nots too far off from the dream.m th it's nap day and pizza day. i think i'm in heaven right now. this couple did it right. >> you're not the only one int h heaven. very good. ry g thanks erin.ri. >> congratulations to them.ulat >> if one of us three is talking boogied getting married at ain r pizza place it's an issue because we're already married aa and well into the game.ll i i'm just saying.i'just >> there's still time today,tod, tucker. >> taking walk ins.s.
10:52 am
ingredients are on that pizza... >> all right. today. reat lookingking day.y. but hang in there.n18th >> okay. >> friday, right. >> bite end of week.ite and by next weekend. so again, you know ---- >> sure.ure. >> yeah. showers bring flowers orfl something like that.. >> and napping. >> april showers bring may b flowers.. >> listen tomorrow jussie smollett will join us live viaia satellite.satellite. we'll talk to him about empire r starting back up on march 30t march 30th. if you have any questions tweet us using the hash tag good day >> all right, guys, it's beenht >> yes, it has.>> >> we'll see
10:53 am
all over again.. more jokes, move bom
10:54 am
n cut meats, and whole grains. an excellent source of protein, it fuels her up with energ an excellent source of protein, (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental)
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